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Our team is here to help you achieve your most beautiful and healthiest smile. Our dentists are leaders and specialists in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, in implantology and in modern orthodontics and help patients find the solutions to any dental issue. We cooperate with top-class dental technicians and ceramists and are able to deliver guaranteed aesthetic results at the minimum time. During the first visit, we review all of your concerns about your smile, perform a detailed examination of your teeth, and use the latest dental technology to learn as much as possible about your oral health. When a total smile makeover is requested, a digital smile design is performed so that you can visualize the result of the aesthetic dental treatment. From all of this information, we are able to provide you with all of your dental care options and alternatives so that you can have the smile you have always dreamed of!


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Dental Tourism


It’s impressive that 47% of adults notice the smile when they meet someone for the first time, while only 7% pay attention to hair and 4% to clothes! What do you think will make a greater difference to your overall appearance?

Issues with Front Teeth?

Teeth Whitening

The easy and affordable way to shiny teeth and an instant smile upgrade

Tooth Fractures

Treatment of fractured or chipped teeth in order to gain back the original smile appearance

Tooth Strass

A unique concept to decorate your teeth with jewels

White Fillings

Aesthetic composite resins for anterior teeth offer biomimetic restorations that look like natural teeth


Invisible ceramic shells who can alter the appearance of teeth without tooth preparations


The traditional porcelain or composite veneers are placed at the front surface of teeth and hide any imperfections

Cosmetic recontouring

Perfecting tooth outlines for a symmetrical smile


This technique is ideal for alterations in tooth shape or size or for gap closure between teeth.


The solution for gray or yellow teeth after a root canal treatment


In cases of tooth loss due to trauma, caries or teeth genetically missing

Ceramic & Zirconium Crowns or Bridges

The metal-free aesthetic alternative to metal-fused-to-porcelain prosthetic teeth which offers maximum strength

White Spots

Make white or yellow spots disappear forever without harming your teeth

Issues with Back Teeth ?


Replacement of missing teeth with the most modern option

Ceramic & Zirconium Crowns

Top aesthetics and resilience of natural teeth


The alternative choice in order to protect damaged teeth or teeth with root canal treatment

White Fillings

In cases of caries or when old amalgam fillings need aesthetic replacements